Terms & Conditions

Terms of Agreement: Important Notice to All Clients 

  • Parking at own risk
  • Parking at OR Tambo (“P@ORT”) contracts on the following terms and conditions, which the client accepts when completing the credit application. The driver, when dropping of a vehicle at the airport, shall also be obliged to sign a copy of this contract.
  • ”Parking” meaning transit of the vehicle to and from the airport and stationary at 123 Highveld Road, Nimrod Park, Kempton Park
  • P@ORT and the person signing the agreement on the face of the Agreement, (“the Parties”), agree that P@ORT shall store, valet and return the vehicle to the driver at the designated time listed on the face of the Agreement at the prescribed fee, in the total amount as indicated on the face of the Agreement.
  • The driver, who signs on the face of the Agreement, is solely responsible to ensure that a full inspection report of the vehicle’s condition and content is conducted and valuables listed, if any, prior to leaving the vehicle in the care of P@ORT. In the event of such inspection, any existing damage shall be indicated on the sketch below and the Parties shall confirm the condition of the vehicle by affixing their signatures alongside the sketch.
  • In the event that the driver does not insist upon such inspection and/ or fails to list valuables in the vehicle, it shall be presumed that the vehicle was in exactly the same condition, both regarding its bodywork and mechanical condition, as and when it is returned by P@ORT to the possession of the driver.
  • Upon entering into this contract, the client consents and acknowledges that P@ORT and / or its member and / or employees, and / or representatives and / or agents, cannot be held liable and are indemnified and held harmless from any and all claims resulting from, arising out of, or in connection with:
    • Theft of or damage to the motor vehicle, such damage arising from a collision, scratches, dents, fire, and windscreen damage resulting in any and all forms of damage including but not limited to total destruction of the vehicle whilst in the care and possession of P@ORT; and / or
    • Mechanical faults arising whilst in the care and possession of P@ORT; and/ or
    • Loss of any articles left in the vehicle, including cellphones, cash, computers, computer tablets, other electronic devices and any other moveable possessions.
  • The obligation rests on the client to ensure that the vehicle is comprehensively insured for total loss or damage whilst it is in the care and possession of P@ORT.
  • The driver who signs the Agreement on the face hereof, accepts and grants the right to P@ORT to debit any amounts due, owing and payable to P@ORT, as indicated on the face hereof alongside “Total Amount”, from their debit or credit card, with details as listed on the face hereof,.
  • This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the Parties and no variation or cancellation is applicable and/ or enforceable unless reduced to writing and undersigned by both Parties
  • Customers may not leave any illegal substances in the vehicle, when leaving their car with Parking at OR Tambo. The owner takes full responsibility for any action/costs taken against P@ORT or their employees if illegal substances are found by officers of the law.
  • Due to the nature of the business the owner of the vehicle allows 28 km to be driven in the perimeter of O R Tambo only.

POPI Compliance

  1. Our Close Corporation is committed in ensuring the security and protection of the person information that we process, and to provide a compliant and consistent approach to data protection. As a Data Subject you do have certain rights, including the right –
    • To be notified that personal information about you is being collected – a copy of our POPIA Section 18 Privacy Notification (Clients) is available at our Information Officer or on our Website
    • To establish whether we hold personal information of you and to request  access to your personal information – to follow the procedure set out in our Section 51 PAIA Manual;
    • To request, where necessary, and in the prescribed manner, the correction, destruction or deletion of your personal information;
    • To object, on reasonable grounds relating to our particular situation to the processing of your personal, in the prescribed manner;
    • To object to the processing of your personal information.
  1. Contact details of our Information Officer:
  • Information Officer – Magdonald Matloha
  • Email Address – magdonald@parkingatortambo.co.za
  • Contact Number – 011 970 7198
  • Address Physical – 123 Highveld Road, Nimrod Park, Kempton Park
  • Address Postal – 123 Highveld Road, Nimrod Park, Kempton Park