Long Term Parking at OR Tambo International Airport




Parking your car can be expensive and inconvenient at OR Tambo International Airport. We take the hassle out of long term airport parking with our 24 hour secure parking near OR Tambo International Airport.  Our professional drivers will meet you at the drop off zone and will take care of parking your car at our secure off site facility while you are away on holiday or business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

You will need the following to make a booking:

  1. Name and surname of the passenger
  2. Email addres
  3. Make and colour of the vehicle
  4. Registration number
  5. Flight details
  6. Cellphone number
  7. Company name
  8. Once we have received this information, we will send you full confirmation of your booking

Please view our full rates HERE

Your invoice can be settled cash or credit when you return directly with the driver.

Once we have received the above details, we will meet you on Level 3 inside parkade 2 South. We will send you step by step photos the day before, directing exactly where to go

Clients arriving from both International and Domestic flights must collect their car from Level 3 inside parkade 2 South.

The drivers that will professionally park your car at OR Tambo International Airport, will wear a distinctive bright plain high viz neon orange and black uniform. Your car will be allocated to a certain driver that will be waiting for you on level 3 inside parkade 2 South.

The driver will also present you with a branded Parking @ OR Tambo job card to be signed by you. The driver will provide you with a slip to keep and present back to us when collecting your car.

We offer various value added services to our customers which can be done while you are travelling. Please note these are not included in the daily parking fee if you are traveling from OR Tambo International.
  • Servicing of vehicles
  • License renewals
  • General repairs
  • Windscreen repairs
  • Chip Repairs
  • Full Valets
A company may park one or more company pool cars with us on a permanent basis, whereby only employees from other cities have access to these vehicles. The company pays a fixed monthly rate.
It is a very cost-effective option, reducing rental vehicle costs from other sources. The vehicle also becomes eligible for a tax deduction for your company and in so doing saves your company further expenditures. This service is also amazing for private people that commute for work between cities.
The vehicle will be available 24 hours a day.

Yes, we do. We can provide you with our wheelchair and assistance to take you to the check-in counters, the airline will take you from there.

  • Beams
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Night guard
  • Onsite and offsite surveillance
  • SSS Security


Our professional parking services will meet and exceed your expectations ensuring your travels from OR Tambo International Airport is convenient, hassle free and enjoyable!